The cPanel Control Panel was indeed the undeniable leader amongst hosting managing user interfaces a short while ago. The moment cloud hosting shot to popularity, the cPanel system couldn’t adjust to the new circumstances and come up to the demands of the developing hosting market any longer.

The Zzyb Design Control Panel has been made to run on a cloud hosting hosting setup and can easily quickly be scaled whenever a fresh capability is introduced. It’s a 1–stop site management solution for maintaining your web presence in addition to your site names, web sites, billing and your tech support communication.

1. Domain name/billing/web site controls

With the Zzyb Design Control Panel you will be able to control all of your sites, domains and e–mail messages within the very same place. You don’t have to rely on any other invoicing or domain name user interfaces.

If you’d like separate site management solutions – one for your web sites, and another from which you can manage your domains and billing, then cPanel is for you. However, you will need to log into two URLs simultaneously to successfully control your web presence.

2. File Arrangement

Handling a lot of domains and websites from a single cloud hosting account must be simple and easy. With the Zzyb Design Control Panel, every single domain and subdomain is situated in an independent directory and is totally independent from the other.

If you try to manage various web sites from a single cPanel hosting account, it can be truly difficult. You have one main website and all extra sites and subdomains are going to be incorporated into its folder as subdirectories. If you want to avail of a standalone folder for every single site, you will need to utilize different Control Panel interfaces for each.

3. File Manager

The Zzyb Design File Manager is made to work just like your desktop file explorer. Offering attributes such as drag and drop file uploading, right click context menus, archive/extract options, etc., it will make working with your data files quick and simple. In addition, you will find a built–in WYSIWYG interface along with a back–end code editor.

The cPanel’s File Manager will give you restricted control of your files and directories. You’ll have difficulty uploading a lot of files at the same time and will not be able to drag and drop files because this functionality isn’t included. A zip/unarchive functionality is just not offered either. File editing applications have also been limited.

4. Absolutely free Bonuses

Using the Zzyb Design Control Panel, you will get a great number of no–charge bonus features developed by our company. They’re available without charge with each hosting package, which works with Zzyb Design’s Control Panel. With each package, your able to use instruments such as the Web Site Installer, the Web Applications Installer, the PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, the Free Web Site Builder, a set of Advanced Applications, and a lot more.

Each website hosting supplier delivering cPanel decides on its very own what zero–cost bonus tools to include in your website hosting deal. Also, since cPanel is a licensed Control Panel, the no–cost bonus features should also be covered by the website hosting supplier. This will undoubtedly affect the value of your website hosting package, so the cost–free add–ons listed in your service will actually be paid for.

5. Control Panel Interface Rates of Performance

The Zzyb Design Control Panel runs using our own cloud hosting plans. It has been designed to work on our setup of equipment components and operate with our collection of software tools. This makes it perform a lot faster when compared to just about any other Control Panel interface on the market. And it’s safer in terms of performance too.

The cPanel Control Panel is working on a huge number of web servers, operating on a wide selection of software and hardware configuration setups. Nevertheless, its worldwide distribution ends in much slower and much less secure functionality when compared with similar website management interfaces that have been designed for just one system exclusively.

6. Multi–domain Control

The Zzyb Design Control Panel provides you with a exclusive option to control multiple domains and websites from a single intuitive user interface. Domain name administration is smooth and changing to website operations means you simply have to proceed to a different part of the Control Panel.

With cPanel, it’s extremely hard to handle your domains and your sites from one area, since the two user interfaces are divided. You will need to sign into 2 distinct places anytime you need to edit your domain settings and site contents simultaneously.

7. Control Panel Navigation

The Zzyb Design Control Panel is really straightforward to get around. You will find a useful top navigation menu, from which you may get to every area of the Control Panel, without needing to get back to the index page each time. Furthermore, we have designed a simple stats widget on the main page, so every time you sign in, you will have an overview of exactly how many visitors have recently gone to your site.

On the cPanel home page, you will see icons for all parts of the Control Panel. This means that, even though you may never click on a tool, you’ll still find it on the home page. Also, to switch between the different sections, you always have to browse to the home page and afterwards go somewhere else.

8. Test Accounts

The Zzyb Design Control Panel boasts a full demo that offers almost every menu and capability it has. You can start creating a web–site, deploy applications, make email addresses, etc. Thus, you can get a much more in–depth understanding of its user interface and capabilities prior to signing up.

Through the demo web hosting account of the cPanel Control Panel, you can only become familiar with appearance of the user interface. Virtually all capabilities are inactive and also you can’t in fact go off the main page. With a lot of web hosting companies, you will be given entry to a plain cPanel demo version, and will not have the ability to experience the Control Panel you will in fact be employing to handle your sites in case you enroll.

Rather than learning about the Zzyb Design Website Control Panel, you can easily take a look at our Live Demo and find out for yourself how simple and easy website management could be.

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